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Fire Pump Trailer

  • These trailers were engineered by Ben Varozza, and designed for wildland fire protection. The trailer was designed to mount one BB4 fire pump, two 5 gallon jerry cans, an ATV battery for starting the engine, it holds 5- 20 foot sections of 3" suction hose, 5- 100 foot rolls of 1-1/2 pressure hose, and a pull out drawer to hold all the necessary fittings, connectors and nozzles for fire fighting. On the right side of the trailer there are the 5 slots that the pressure hose slides into with another storage area next to it for gloves, a faceshield, air horn and other needed accessories. Above the engine and drawer area are 5 compartments that each fit one 3"x20' section of suction hose.

  • The trailer is constructed of 6061 T6 aluminum that has a powdercoat finish of bright yellow to prevent corrosion. The trailer is 4 feet wide, 6 feet long and 4 feet tall, and it has 14 inches of ground clearance. It was designed to be small enough to be towed behind an ATV but large enough to be towed down the road. The light weight design was engineered for the purpose of moving the trailer by hand if needed. The trailer also has a cable actuated hand brake that can be used when moving it by hand or it can be set as a parking brake.

  • The trailer is fully enclosed by three bi-folding doors with one on each side and one in the back. It also has a lid and front panel that are riveted on. The doors and sides are constructed of aluminum diamond plate and have locking paddle latches on the bottom of the doors.

  • At the front of the trailer there is a standard 2" ball hitch with a safety chain. There is also a folding handlebar with rubber grips and the brake lever attached. This handle is designed to be folded out when the trailer is to be moved by hand. When the handlebar is not needed it can be folded down and back from the hitch. There is also an adjustable stand to set the trailer down and keep it level. When the stand is not needed it can be adjusted up and out of the way when towing.
  • The engine/pump is mounted at the back of the trailer for easy access and to keep the trailer balanced. Next to the engine is a small battery for electric start as well as two 5 gallon jerry cans that set into a holder and are held down by a pull strap.